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Pre-Settlement Funding for Truck Accident Claims

Were you seriously injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler or another large commercial vehicle? Are you currently pursuing a lawsuit, but are finding that the legal process is slow and compensation seems far away? The pre-settlement funding professionals have helped people just like you get a cash advance on their legal case to help pay for their bills and expenses during a drawn-out legal process.

When you work with Case Capital Trust, you can make sure that the essential financial obligations are met, from rent and mortgage payments to grocery bills, utilities, and other expenses. Your attorney has likely informed you that your case will settle, and will settle for an amount that will ease the financial burden for you and your family for some time to come, and possibly for life. The problem is that you might not be able to wait until the case is resolved. While you wait for the financial windfall to come, the due dates on your bills remain the same.

When in this situation, many people turn to their families or a bank for a loan. But what if you cannot obtain the loan you need? Pre-settlement funding help from Case Capital Trust is not a loan, but rather the sale of a percentage of your anticipated recovery. Your credit score does not matter to us. If you are out of work due to the accident or do not have a consistent job history, that history will not factor into our decision. The only qualifying factor for your loan is the quality of your case.

All we need is some information from you and your attorney, and our experienced pre-settlement funding professionals will be able to evaluate your application and get you the funds you need. We know that life doesn’t stop while you are waiting for a lawsuit to settle, so we are here to give you the cash advance that you and your family needs right now.

You may be wondering, “what happens if I lose my case?” Fortunately, our funding is a non-recourse advance. That means that if you don’t win your case, we will not seek repayment of any kind. That’s it. You won’t owe us a single thing. That means that there is no risk to you to contact us to get the funds you need ahead of time to keep yourself financially stable while your attorney pursues your claim against a negligent trucking company or other entity. We are here to provide you the cash you need when you need it most.

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You owe it to yourself and your family to keep battling against the party who caused you harm. If you need a cash advance on your truck accident claim to see your case through to the end, then the experts at Case Capital Trust have the resources you need at your disposal. To discuss your financial needs with a compassionate, expert advisor, contact us at (877) 336-5123, fill out a quick contact form, or chat with us live today. Don’t wait to get the financial relief you’ve been looking for. Call us now.

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