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I wanna thank u 4 this loan i was late with rent

- C. McGriff

Missing work for medical appointments and due to medical reasons has caused me to fall behind on a lot of my monthly expenses. There is no way I’d have been able to stay afloat without Case Capital Trust Funding. Thank you!

- D. Black

The money came at a rough time for me financially and helped increase my credit score

- M. Lyga

Thank you I really needed help and now I can take care of some of my issues

- B. Griffin very grateful for all your help in my time of need.

- C. Gomez

This has helped me keep up with my bills that I have

- R. Rivers

Do to my injury I have lost work hours. My rent is due in two weeks.

- S. Reed

I was behind on a bill. This was very helpful for me.

- T. Barrett

Was able to get my electric paid.

- E. Olsen

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