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Case Capital Trust provides competitive pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs involved in civil cases across the U.S. If your client is in the process of a lawsuit and needs funding to pay their bills, we are here to help. Our clients choose us because of our straightforward process, our commitment to serving our clients and their attorneys, and our competitive pricing.

If your client needs a quick cash infusion, look no further than the professionals at Case Capital Trust for pre-settlement funding assistance. We are ready to help, so fill out a contact form, chat with us live, or call us at (877) 336-5123 today.

We Get Your Clients The Funds They Need Now

When you work with us, our pre-settlement funding experts will guide you and your client through the funding process, and your dedicated representative will be there to answer any questions that you have. Common questions attorneys have asked us in the past include:

What documentation do you need?

Typically, we will need a copy of the complaint filed by the Plaintiff as well as the Defendant’s answer. We may also need copies of the medical bills and records, as well as police reports and other relevant documentation. We will not ask for any documents that are protected by attorney-client privilege.

How much funding can my client qualify for?

We never want to interfere with your ability to negotiate a settlement, so we will carefully evaluate your client’s expected recovery after your legal fees have been recouped, and then will determine how much funding they qualify for.

Can my client obtain more funding later if they need it?

Yes, depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Again, we will make sure to take into account your client’s expected recovery after your legal fees have been paid. If there is sufficient reason to issue more funding, we may be able to provide more after the initial infusion.

Is referring my clients to Case Capital Trust for funding ethical?

Yes, it is 100% ethical to refer your clients to a non-recourse pre-settlement funding company.  For more information, contact a pre-settlement funding expert at Case Capital Trust for your state’s ethics opinion.

If my client obtains funding from you, how involved will you be with the case?

We will not be involved at all. You retain control of the litigation. We are simply here to help your client stay afloat while you handle the case.

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We are here to help your client secure the funds they need before their case is resolved. Our service is designed to help attorneys like you make their client’s lives easier as they wait for their case to end.

The legal process takes time, but sometimes your clients do not have the resources available to survive until the process is complete. By selling a portion of their expected settlement now, they can get the funds they need to pay their bills and be comfortable, while you do the work of securing their compensation. Contact us at (877) 336-5123 to learn more about how we can help your clients today.

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