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The Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding

Many people don’t realize just how long a lawsuit can take from the day it is filed to the day a verdict or settlement is reached. While some cases move very quickly, very often, a case can take months or even years. For those who are in the midst of a case, bills rapidly begin to pile up. To help you deal with stressful financial problems, Case Capital Trust offers pre-settlement funding to you when you need it most. You get the money you need upfront so you can keep living your life while you wait for your case to conclude.

There are a number of benefits to pre-settlement funding. Consider some of the following:

Pay Your Medical Bills

If an injury is part of your lawsuit, you are likely waiting for the settlement to cover all your medical expenses. Unfortunately, not every hospital and clinic is willing to wait for that. Pre-settlement funding from Case Capital Trust offers you the financing to pay for the medical help you need, including all the rehab required to return you to full health.

Pay Your Rent and Other Expenses

Along the same lines, paying your rent or a mortgage, taxes, bills, and general expenses for such as electricity and food require money, which may be in short supply. Getting an advance on your settlement from Case Capital Trust can remove those concerns.

Remove the Need to Rush Back to Work

Expenses like those listed above can make people rush through treatment—or even avoid some necessary treatments—to get back to work and start earning money. It’s never a good idea to try to force your body to recover faster than it should. By getting pre-settlement funding, you give yourself the breathing space necessary to fully recover from your injuries and move on with your life. That way, you can get healthy first, and then get back to work when you’re ready, not when your bank balance runs low.

You Don’t Pay Anything Unless You Win

The best part of a pre-settlement funding loan is that you don’t have to pay it back if you don’t win your case. On the one hand, if you win your case, the money is simply taken out of your settlement, which means you won’t even notice it. On the other hand, if you lose your case, you aren’t charged anything.

Your Case is Your Qualification

Even if you aren’t currently working or if your credit prohibits you from qualifying for a traditional bank loan, you can still qualify for pre-settlement funding from Case Capital Trust. Your personal credit history and work history do not factor into our decisions. Only the strength of your case determines your ability to get the funding you need.

Supporting yourself and your family until your civil case is resolved is more difficult than many people realize. You can never be sure exactly how long it will take. With pre-settlement funding, you can remove all your financial worries now, so that you can focus on your health and your case. If you’re involved in a lawsuit, consider getting pre-settlement funding from Case Capital Trust today. Contact us at (877) 336-5123 to get started now.

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