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When cash flow is a problem, plaintiffs and their attorneys contact Case Capital Trust. We know that even the strongest injury claim can sometimes take years to settle and, this can create a tremendous financial burden. We recognize that personal injury plaintiffs are already struggling physically, emotionally and often financially which is why we started Case Capital Trust; to help ease your suffering. We provide an efficient, and compassionate way to get cash in your hands fast.

This is not a loan. Case Capital Trust offers pre-settlement funding for people who are waiting for their case to settle. While they wait, clients often need financial assistance to manage their daily expenses. If an injury has left you or a loved one unable to work and you have exhausted all other resources we may be able to help.

We can quickly get cash in your hand so that you can avoid foreclosure, prevent eviction, delay bankruptcy, preserve your credit, pay medical bills, car payments, or any other late or mounting bills.

Whether you were injured, know someone injured or are an attorney representing an injured person, we can evaluate the case and get to a decision quickly.

We are here to help injured people all across the country with pre-settlement lawsuit funding. We are a self-funded, direct lender which allows us to review and fund within 24 hours or sooner after receiving an application. Each case is unique and we will take the time to understand your situation. Please contact us if you need financial help while you wait to be compensated for your physical, emotional and economic losses.

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